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Aug 17, 2017 · In our Galaxy s8 review, we put Samsung's flagship phone to the test. ... such as “turning on the Wi-Fi,” or “open Messages.” You can press and hold the Bixby button to trigger Bixby Voice ...
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Jun 11, 2017 · While Samsung says that using Always On Display will only lead to an additional battery drain of less than 1% per hour that’s not the case. The impact is significantly bigger than that and on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8, having the feature enabled could lead to the phone requiring a top-up late in the afternoon to make it through the evening.
Samsung Galaxy S8 Not Charging - Here Is The Typical Fix .To fix a Samsung Galaxy S8 that won't charge, the first step is to find out the cause. In this...Start by turning your S8 or S8 Plus off. Hold down the Volume up and Bixby keys, then press and hold the Power button, too. When you see the Android logo on screen, you can let go.
Hold down both volume keys and the power key for about 10 seconds. This means that you will be holding down three buttons. The two volume buttons are situated on the left of the phone, while the power button is situated on the right. My s8 got freezed on watching a YouTube video, made a grim sound and then turn off. Since then I have tried all possible options to restart that includes force restart, safe mode , recovery mode. None of them work. Before it turned black the battery was 96% charged ... and was working absolutely f...
When the gadget crashes, the Samsung galaxy s8+ will become unresponsive. And no matter what you do, it received no reply even to the charger. The above is the solution for fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus not charging, you can try them out. But it is nothing for your phone, then you need to follow the step to repair – hardware repair. Hi everyone, I have been having a problem charging after I did the last firmware update. The phone I have is from Verizon it's the Samsung Galaxy S8+ black. The phone does not charge when it's off. But when the phone is on it charges just fine. I was wondering if anyone else is also have the same problem.
Oct 21, 2019 · Charger is not charging...looking to purchase a wireless charger but need to know if Samsung Galaxy s8 active is compatible Samsung is so paranoid about its small battery it's adopted a controversial battery-saving approach frequently used by Chinese smartphones. The Galaxy S8 is a gorgeous device but breaks your push notifications like Chinese devices. Ben Sin.
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